As its name indicates, aims to provide a list of Swiss DVD output (both shorts and feature films from all different categories) and offer them for sale via the Internet in Switzerland and abroad.

How does it work?
Each DVD producer/distributor wishing to sell his movies through can contact the site and send in films together with accompanying information. DVDs are put on sale by the authors themselves, who set the prices. As soon as the DVDs come in, they are placed on line, available for sale all over the world!

Advantages for producers/distributors/directors
- A single or complementary sales outlet;
- Sales both in Switzerland and abroad;
- Less accounting and fewer trips to the post office.

For the general public
- All Swiss DVDs available with a single click;
- A wealth of information on Swiss films, links to Web pages for films and film-making firms;
- Available the world over in English, French and German;

For Switzerland
- A consistent, high-profile and professional image of Swiss film-making;
- A direct link for Swiss living abroad or for international film buffs eager to discover Swiss culture and the Swiss film-making world.

The operator
AV Distri is a distributor that is very active in the Swiss audiovisual world since 2005, and offers a wide range of services tied to DVD production and distribution.

The team has more than 25 years of experience in video distribution in Switzerland. With several hundred DVDs published, AV Distri is the DVD specialist in French-speaking Switzerland - and also manages the RTS Boutique and the RSI Boutique.