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Two Artist Friends – Films about and with the works of HR Giger

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PASSAGEN (1972) • 45 min., Deutsch & English, français
An exceptional artist's film because it was made out of a mutual friendship and thus achieves unusual closeness and appeal.
SWISSMADE 2069 (1969) • 38 min., Deutsch, english/français
«2069 – or where futorologists and archaeologists say good night to each other» is Big Brother is Watching You in it’s Swiss coinage and with a robot that was a kind of precursor of the Aliens.
FM MURER meets HR GIGER (2023) • 45 min., Deutsch/english
A filmic approach by Belinda Sallin to two artist friends whose paths crossed in Zurich’s School of Design. Fredi M. Murer (Höhenfeuer, Vitus) looks back on context and works.

AUS EINER ANDEREN WELT by HR Giger, Mia Bonzanigo, J.J. Wittmer (1979) • 48 min., English & Deutsch, deutsch & english
A kind of very personal diary, that artist H.R. Giger shot while preparing on the set.
GIGER'S NECRONONICOM von J.J. Wittmer (1975) • 40 min., English
The two books were the gateway to the designs of «Alien».
TAGTRAUM by J.J. Wittmer (1973) • 26 min., Deutsch
Claude Sandoz, Walter Wegmüller and HR Giger in joint painting session.
A NEW FACE OF DEBBIE HARRY (1982) • 26 min., English
Actress and singer Debbie Harry (Blondie) in her session with HR Giger in Zurich.
HIGH (1967) • 10 Min., no dialog
An experimental short film by HR Giger and Fredi M. Murer.


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