Dixie Dregs - Live at Montreux 1978

Dixie Dregs - Live at Montreux 1978

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Livrable sous 10-14 jours Out of the musically fertile jazz-rock "fusion" era of the 1970's emerged the Dixie Dregs. Marrying bluegrass with rock sensibilities, baroque pageantry with celtic undertones, the Dregs soon became a band without peers. By 1978 the band had garnered such critical acclaim as to be invited to perform at the prestigious 11th annual Montreux Jazz Festival, sharing the bill with such luminaries as Larry Coryell, Ben Sidran, and Sea Level. The Dregs turned in a blinding performance of unparalleled magnitude, at once passionate and precise. Here now, for the first time ever, is the complete performance that captivated the Montreux audience on that 23rd day in July, 1978. Rounding out this historic concert are the bands appearances on two of the most influential US musical variety show: Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (featuring a dazzling performance of "Punk Sandwich") and Dick Clark's American Bandstand (featuring Alex Lgertwood on "Crank It Up"). The latter appearance was filmed during a short promotional tour in support of their album "Industry Standard". So sit back, turn the lights down low , volume up high, and relive the spectacular sights and sounds of the Dixie Dregs live und unfettered in your living room ! Darren Tucci With: Steve Morse, guitar; Mark Parrish, piano, keyboards; Allen Sloan, violin, Andy West, bass, Rod Morgenstein, drums 1 Introduction by Claude Nobs 2 Freefall 3 Leprechaun Promenade 4 Country House Shuffle 5 Patchwork 6 Attila The Hun 7 The Bash 8 Night Of The Living Dregs 9 Wages Of Weirdness 10 Take It Off The Top 11 Kathreen 12 Dixie BONUS VISION 1 The Dixie Dregs Live on "American Bandstand" With Andy West, bass; Steve Morse, guitar; Rod Morgenstein, drums; Mark O'Connor, violin on "Crank It Up"; and guitar on "Bloodsucking Leeches"; T. Lavitz, keyboards; Alex Ligertwood, vocals on "Crank It Up" only. 1 Crank It Up 2 Bloodsucking Leeches 3 Band interview with Dick Clark on "American Bandstand" BONUS VISION 2 The Dixie Dregs Live on "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" With Andy West, bass; Steve Morse, guitar; Rod Morgenstein, drums; Allen Sloan, violin; T. Lavitz, keyboards. 1 Punk Sandwich

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